Realms of the Dragon
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Survival Tips for the New Player

1. Always know where you are and what exits are available to you.

2. Some monsters will auto-attack you when you enter the room. Be ready to run if you are unsure of how powerful they are.

3. Defensive spells are key to staying alive. Attain defenses by asking players to cast them upon you. Some guilds can cast a Shield spell which is your greatest defense. Research which guilds are capable of casting shields upon you by asking your race or guild.

4. Beware of the advice of players who may be trying to trick you. If you do not trust a player, chances are their advice might not be given with your best interests in mind.

5. If you find yourself drowning, keep swimming back in the direction you came from. It may take a few tries to finally swim back. Some places in the ocean will also suck you underwater further. To escape swim up, then back in the direction you came from.

6. Armours are very helpful in protecting yourself. Attain a full set of armour as soon as you can. Ask players how to make an armour set and where to get armours which will save on your character.

7. Do not adventure into the homelands of other races unless you intend to raid that homeland. Entering another racial homeland is considered raiding and the players logged on in that race may come out and kill you.

8. The "consider" command useful for knowing how well you compare to a monster. If you are unsure if you should enter combat with a monster, type "consider monster". If it says "You would have to be utterly insane to attack Monster" it might not be a good idea to attack that creature until you are a higher level.

9. Do not panic when you die. Death is a part of the realm and there are guilds with resurrection spells available. If you are evil, a Cleric or Shaman can help you. Neutral or Good aligned players can ask a Priest for resurrection. BEWARE: A good aligned player asking a Cleric for help is a mistake that could be very expensive.

10. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

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