Realms of the Dragon
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MUSHclient setup for Realms of the Dragon

MUSHclient is a free application which allows you to connect to the Realms of the Dragon on most Windows operating systems. Follow the below instructions to install and set up the program.

First download the file and install the program.
Use this link

1. Once installed, open your Windows Start Menu and locate MUSHclient.
2. When the program loads, close the Introduction README.
3. Click "New World" and do NOT preload defaults from an existing world.
4. Enter the World Name of "Realms of the Dragon".
5. TCP/IP address:
6. Click "Save World Automatically on Close".
7. Click "OK".
8. Maximize window and child window.
9. When you connect, you'll see a dragon. Type "new" and begin playing.
10. When you close this world, be sure to save it if prompted.
11. Next time you open the MUSHclient program, use "Open World" and click on the file you've previous saved, to open the Realms of the Dragon profile.

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